Friday, May 11, 2007

hand cuffs?

I am back from my awesome Midland vacation... there was lots of nice walks with Miss Carolyn, lots of gooood food made by Josh, lots of cuddles (I am going through withdrawal), some good movies, lots of popcorn, and pretty flowers (now I have a little rose plant to take care off).

And you are probably wondering was there any knitting?? well I began my socks.. but I didn't do much knitting, my hands were busy playing Guitar Hero *rocks out*

But... there was a present for Josh that I knitted before I left .. knitted handcuffs!!! that is right, he asked me for some, and now he has some, these are my own design and I plan on refining them some more one day, but for now.. they are just totally fun!


Anonymous said...

I love those cuffs! I might need you to send me a pair (for totally innocent reasons naturally). And Josh looks super cute! "Freedom!". So cute one might just want to restrain and than take advantage of. Wouldn't you agree, Ifi? ^_^


Anonymous said...

heh heh heh =]~Cylli

MsFortuknit said...