Friday, March 30, 2007


YES indeed! sushi it is..... I know there is a rule a curse even about knitting your man a sweater, but no one said anything about SUSHI!!!!!.

Josh (the handsome guy in the picture) is always talking about how much he likes sushi and how he is always craving it, so... when I found this pattern, I simply had to knit it for him ^-^

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No.. wait!!! don't eat it....

I better take him out of REAL sushi ... soon !!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mreow? Wool's food, right?

As I'm waiting on getting an answer back on the sleeves for my cardigan, it's giving me time to try out my new knitting needles and pattern!

While on a search for circular needles, we, my mom and I, found this set of thirteen interchangeable needles at Michael's for the sum of one hundred dollars (Canadian dollars naturally). That's a lot of money, still less expensive than buying all on their own, but, Michael's has a lovely 40% off coupon for out of town customers, and we are definitely out of town. Drum roll please. Only sixty dollars for my hot, sexy, delicious set of circulars. Rawr indeed! They make me so happy... the only downside, they're in US sizes..

Since working on my cardi was at an impasse, on Ms Marigold went in a lovely dark grey merino from New Zealand. The colour makes me drool a bit. Things are going well, but my kitty, possibly the one in the photo (Tiffany)...decided to chew through my wool! So sad! I need to break them of this habit. Bad, bad kitties.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hi, my name is Carolyn, and I like to knit.

Happy new blog post to me! After much thought (a whole 2 seconds), Miss Ifi and I decided to make a joint knitting/artsy blog. To join the world of other blogging knitters out there! It's all very exciting. Plus, I love to ramble. Well, onwards to the knitting.

Fetching Fingerless Mitts

Pattern by: Cheryl Niamath
Yarn: Paton's Merino in the colour Peacock
Needles: 4mm double point
Started: Thursday March 22nd
Finished: Saturday March 24th (I think..)

My thoughts on knitting Fetching:
This was a very quick and enjoyable pattern to knit, taking only an evening or so to knit per mitt for myself. The cables would be excellent for someone who is a little intimidated to try a cabled pattern as it's very simple. This was also my first thumb ever! The instructions were very clear on it, and I didn't have any thumb issues. Downsides, the top edge has a tendency to curl a little, and for wearing symmetry, on the right thumb you'll have to adjust where it's placed. Other then that, I'm very happy to wear my girly mitts!

Also, in my hand, you can see the first sleeve of my Carolyn cardigan. (Hooray for having the patterns name!) I can't wait to wear it, the wool feels so cuddly...

In other crafting news, I made some demo cards for my mom's card making workshop this coming weekend.
She's teaching about reverse embossing which can be seen on the left card. I have one more to make up, something a little more masculine, but still spring-ish. I was having kitty issues while having my little photo shoot, so you may notice Tiffany's whiskers in the picture. She just loves cameras.

In other exciting news, in the second half of February this year, I joined a site called peerTrainer, it's a place to be encouraged by your peers to lose weight, eat healthier, etc. A month and a half later and I've lost: 9.5lbs!!! Today is amazing to me now! So happy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh Spring!!!

I couldn't let the opportunity go by without posting today, because it's SPRING!!!! doesn't feel like it yet.. but soon.. oh sooon!!!!!
and... since it was such a special day I gave some mitts to Carrie!! she wanted some, so I couraged myself up and made them!!!

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it makes me so happy to knit stuff for people and see their reaction ... it's great!!! oh.. I love knitting (all thanks to Miss Carolyn.. and will continue blaming YOU Care.. for my addiction)

That's it for the first post, more to come soon!!!!