Friday, June 01, 2007

Of course this is knit.. *coughs*

It looks knit, right?

I hope my blog doesn't hate me for crocheting... *hides the picture from the Mesdemoiselles' blog eyes*

That being said, this is my precious learning to crochet project. Naturally knitting is my love, but I can proudly say I approve of crochet. It's different, rather fun, quick, strange. But, I have a SCARF, and scarves are one item that I never make for myself, at least October now has something to look forward to, since I won't be able to really wear this until then.

Boteh Scarf!
Pattern: Boteh Scarf from Spring 2007 Interweave Crochet
Yarn: 1.5 balls of Patons Classic Wool Merino in Leaf Green
Hook: 4.5mm

Started / Finished: May something 2007 / May 14th 2007

I was in Ottawa with Miss Ifi for a few weeks, it was great! Minus her landlady who I find rather scary... But on a walking trip through the Glebe, I met her friend Amelia who knows me as "the other Miss of the Knitting Mesdemoiselles"! How neat is that? Soon, Miss Ifi and I will take over the world! Maybe then I can knit my cozy for the moon.. Which everyone giggles at, but really, how cute would the moon look in a cozy?

*shifty eyes*

Right, so while there, I managed to hang out with a lot of old friends, and met some new people. This picture is of myself attempting to climb a cave wall, but failing miserably... At least I have shiny hair. That's what counts right? Shiny hair? I thought so. Apparently, once I've moved back, I get to go rock climbing more frequently! Exciting. I think this means I need a new hair colour though, for moving I mean...

As for knitting, I made a very sexy pair of fingerless gloves, which lace up. Unfortunately, they're not at my house at the moment, so a post about these will take a little longer. I also made a wicked purse for Miss Ifi, who should really post a picture of it! >_>

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