Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nothin' but blue skies

That's right, I'm finally starting to feel better. I've been sick for about a week and a half.
This let me knit! But alas, no photos.. my computer is rebelling on me at the moment.
We had a bad storm, and although it was off.. something happened to it.. possibly damaged hardware. *sigh* So sad!

My projects:

  • Ms Marigold is nearly finished, just one arm hole to add ribbing to, plus weaving in all the ends. I might end up turning it around and adding a button to make a cute mock neck thing and a sexy back.. Undecided though.

  • The socks. Oh the socks.. I laced what I had done up, and realised I didn't like where the decreases were, thus.. rip rip. But, it will be better in the long run. Since I was annoyed about removing about 5-6 inches... I needed a diversion though thus I started to make a...

  • Ribbed Lace Bolero! A very cute design. I'll probably be done it by Monday. It's in the left over merino from Ms Marigold. Perfect for me, since I get chilly easily...

Today though, knitting shopping trip. After recieving Naughty Needles from Kris and Jelena, I was inspired! Thus I finally bought myself Knitting Lingerie Style and Domiknitrix!! Plus a beautiful wool/cashmere blend to make the Waist-Cincher Top from KLS, and angora for the trim. Both in black. I'm changing the sleeves to short sleeves, and I think I'll add satin ribbon laced down the ladder lace under each bust. It will be sexy, soft and very pin-up girl-ish.

Now I have so many things on my list to make.

From Naughty Needles (apparently people think I look like the cover girl!):
- Straitjacket (with my own sleeve mod so it can be "vanilla" or not)
- Thwack! (the barbed version)
- Criss-cross Garter
- Lolita

From Domiknitrix:
- Snow Devil Hat
- L'il Red Riding Hoodie

Then I have my whole OTHER list, but I'll get into that later, because it's bloody huge. I also have things I want to make for people... if they aren't too nice, I enjoy my naughty people after all.

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