Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mreow? Wool's food, right?

As I'm waiting on getting an answer back on the sleeves for my cardigan, it's giving me time to try out my new knitting needles and pattern!

While on a search for circular needles, we, my mom and I, found this set of thirteen interchangeable needles at Michael's for the sum of one hundred dollars (Canadian dollars naturally). That's a lot of money, still less expensive than buying all on their own, but, Michael's has a lovely 40% off coupon for out of town customers, and we are definitely out of town. Drum roll please. Only sixty dollars for my hot, sexy, delicious set of circulars. Rawr indeed! They make me so happy... the only downside, they're in US sizes..

Since working on my cardi was at an impasse, on Ms Marigold went in a lovely dark grey merino from New Zealand. The colour makes me drool a bit. Things are going well, but my kitty, possibly the one in the photo (Tiffany)...decided to chew through my wool! So sad! I need to break them of this habit. Bad, bad kitties.

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Anonymous said...

Don't let Miss Carolyn know... shhhhh but I am stealing her needles ^-^
*puts Ninja hood on*

Miss Ifi