Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh Spring!!!

I couldn't let the opportunity go by without posting today, because it's SPRING!!!! doesn't feel like it yet.. but soon.. oh sooon!!!!!
and... since it was such a special day I gave some mitts to Carrie!! she wanted some, so I couraged myself up and made them!!!

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it makes me so happy to knit stuff for people and see their reaction ... it's great!!! oh.. I love knitting (all thanks to Miss Carolyn.. and will continue blaming YOU Care.. for my addiction)

That's it for the first post, more to come soon!!!!

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CarrieAnne said...

Much thanks to Ifi for my mitts!! And I must have you take ALL my photos - because I actually look reasonably decent in that one.

Cheers to the knitting blog of Miss Ifi and Miss Carolyn!!!!