Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am so excited!!! and what could possibly bring this excitement you might ask?? well... a YARN SHOP!!!

Today I decide to discover a new yarn shop, so after work I walked towards this mysterious address which I had only seen from a map on the yellow pages.. I knew I had to go south and then east (I was really hoping it was east.. because otherwise my sense of direction would have failed me.. but it was east), when I finally got there I saw some women knitting on the porch, and that was very sweet and as I entered the store I was greeted with a "You are a knitter" to which I answered YES!.

After such a greeting, they told me to go feel free to walk around (I guess if you are a knitter you are okie) and so I did.. and I began to see all the beautiful yarn and the needles, after a little while a woman came out of the back room and asked me if I needed any help, if I had any questions and how did I find the place.... we talked for a bit about needles and then she mentioned she was feeding the bunny.. and I said.. OH YOU HAVE ANGORA BUNNIES.. to which she enthusiastically answered "Would you like to see one?" my eyes lit up and I think I said yes.. I felt too excited.. can't really remember.

She came out with this adorable cute bunny in her arms.. and he was cute and friendly and soooo soft.. I just wanted to cuddle him forever!!!!... seriously I need one now.
In the end I got some needles, got to meet an adorable bunny, found a new yarn place and somewhere I can go and ask questions and go hang out. For all of that CHEERS!.

Oh.. I also finished my cloud bolero, but pictures of that shall come later, perhaps with some bunny pictures. ^_^


Miss Carolyn said...

They are adorable, aren't they? What colour was it? The store sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

*hops and hops some more*

- A bunny

Anonymous said...

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