Friday, April 06, 2007

All we knit is love

Today was a really fun day..... except for the working on essays for school >_<

Val is in town, though I really think she should move back to Ottawa.. we need her here (We need you Val!!!). Anyway.. she is in town so we went out for dinner, and for the past week I've been working on a little something for her. My goal is to give every significant person in my life something I knit, because I love knitting little gifts for friends, it makes me happy!!. I also saw Emily.. I miss Emily, hrmmm I wonder what will I knit for her .. mwahahahaha!!!

So... I made a Calorimetry for Carrie and a pretty friendship bracelet for Val, and here they ARE.. the loveliest ladies I know

mmmmm I also had some wings that had mild sauce and maple sauce ohhh so delicious... and CAKE!! mmm cake ^_^

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Carrie said...

Thats right, we are SO cool! But honestly, Ifi is the coolest for making us such wonderful things, it really makes a person feel cared about. Je t'aime my darling friend, Miss Ifi. And you are right, we must get Val to move back to Ottawa..........

And what is the mystery project?