Sunday, April 01, 2007

cranberry fetching

I decided to whip up a pair of fetching mitts, the day I picked out the yarn I began craving cranberry juice, now I used to drink that stuff ALL the time, but haven't in a while.. well I've been knitting the mitts and drinking cranberry juice like crazy!!!

And THIS is the result

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I made them longer than what the pattern calls for, and I thought it had been a mistake, but in the end they turned out all right ^_^

When I was knitting them, a guy said.. but WHY are you knitting those.. it's like.. spring.. yes! I did feel like punching him... but really, in Canada is the PERFECT time to wear them!, I wore them yesterday when I went out for supper with Carrie and Amelia was jealous of my knowledge of knitting cables *giggles*

I feel so special!!! *hops away with fetching mitts and cranberry juice*

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Anonymous said...

That is a very nice picture. I bet the person (if there was one) who helped you pick out that picture over any others you were thinking of posting is some sort of super genius and he is probably a huge hit with the ladies too.