Monday, April 23, 2007

mystery project or curiosity project?

The mystery project is finally done, yes.. for all of you curious people out there that were wondering what I was knitting, well you finally have your chance to see what it is.

I have to say, that I had some problems, first the prototype ran out of yarn, but I learned from it that I needed to redesign it, since it is the first thing that I've done without a pattern, but after all the problems.. HERE IT IS... drum roll please..

That is RIGHT!! It is a knitted belt, whenever I wear this little dress I feel that it is missing something, so I finally have something that makes the outfit unique with something I knitted wheeee ^_^ .. I am so proud of it..

Now... back to those handcuffs.


Carrie said...

Marvelous my dear!! *applaudes*

Miss Carolyn said...

So pretty! I love the lace, I just might have to make on.

MsFortuknit said...

cheers! Great work!