Friday, April 13, 2007


The yarn store in the Glebe had a yarn sale, so I couldn't resist going and getting some stuff, after all I do needed yarn for 2 projects.

I must confess that I get nervous when buying more than 2 skeins, for some reason just looking at all that yarn is as intimidating as a blank canvass but it is also like.. geeesh I hope they made a mistake and the price is lower, heh.. however that is the nice thing about a sale.

So... I got this yarn for Petunia, or what will one day be Petunia.. I am in loved with the colour and the texture of the yarn... mmmm

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getting yarn was nice, but there is bad news.. I ran out of yarn for the mystery project, the good about that.. is that it needs some redesigning so, I can now re-start the mystery project with my new idea and make it work this time and have enough yarn .... mystery project here I come!!! ... again


Miss Carolyn said...

So pretty! I love the yarn! What is it made from??

Miss Ifi said...

*munches on some cotton*

and since I can't seem to post the pic... here

Carrie aka Miss Martha said...

Mmmmm yarn.

Seriously though I love the taste of yarn but it gets caught in my teeth..........